Solar Charging SPECIALIST

We specialize in solar charging for 12 volt battery systems. We have a wide selection of solar kits, systems, and accessories for charging a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery bank. We commonly work with RV'er, Campers, Off Grid structures and various 12 volt equipment for both solar charging and solar battery maintaining. We are readily available for questions, please contact us with any questions and let us guide you.


We sell the highest quality, class A crystalline solar panels on the market. Our RV and Permanent solar kits and systems are designed for use on RV's, Motor-homes, Campers, Travel Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Dump Trailers, Farm & Garden, Construction & Commercial Equipment, etc. We have a variety of packaged solar kits with specific uses, such as a Zamp Solar KICKER, a trickle charger for equipment/dump trailers with special earth magnets for attachment or a Solar Gate Charger for remote electric gates featuring a specific bracket for mounting up high. But don't hesitate to find other innovative ways to use solar power for charging!

Our solar charging Off Grid Kits have been designed to be the most efficient, longest lasting solar charger for permanent installs. Perfect for cabins, outbuildings, second home emergency power, disaster preparedness, preppers, etc. Each kit has been engineered with high quality components, designed for easy install and the ability to be personalized to each structure.

With our kits all the technical work is done. No need to research solar system configuration unless you want to. Once power consumption is calculated the only decision is what type of solar system is best for their needs.

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We're here to help for any questions you have, solar can be confusing but we'll make it simple. Contact Us.