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Small and Medium Off Grid Solar Kits

Complete Kit - Ready to Use!
25 Year Power Output Warranty
450 Watts Off Grid Solar Kit - 150-175 Amps/Day
600 Watts Off Grid Solar Kit - 200-240 Amps/Day
750 Watts Off Grid Solar Kit - 250-300 Amps/Day
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Zamp Solar 450 watt Solar Off Grid Kit 450 Watt Off Grid Solar Kit Ships in 2-3 days. Buyer arranges pick up from local FedEx Hub.

Our Price:$4,099.00

Sale Price:$3,440.00

You save $659.00!
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Zamp Solar 600 Watt Solar Off Grid Cabin Kit 600 Watt Off Grid Solar Kit Ships in 2-3 days. Buyer arranges pick up from local FedEx Hub.

Our Price:$4,603.00

Sale Price:$3,840.00

You save $763.00!
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Zamp Solar 750 Watt Solar Cabin Kit 750 Watt Off Grid Solar Kit Ships in 2-3 days. Buyer arranges pick up from local FedEx Hub.

Our Price:$5,115.00

Sale Price:$4,240.00

You save $875.00!
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Zamp Solar Solar Off Grid Wiring Chart Zamp Solar Solar Off Grid Contents

Zamp Solar's Off Grid Solar Cabin Kits are a Do-It-Yourselfers dream. COMPLETE KITS!

All technical configuration is done for you! Each kit has been designed for a plug in play installation by providing the maximum length of wire and allows the user to mount and cut to length for their special project. Great kits for Tiny Homes, Off Grid Solar Cabins, Hunting Cabins, Off Grid Home Emergency Power - each set up is different and personal.

Each kit can be installed with minimal tools and charging batteries in a days time. Batteries and mounting hardware for surfaces not included.

There are often safety and efficiency issues that are overlooked, not configured or not explored when developing a off grid solar charging system. In Zamp Solar's adventure to develop a beautiful Off Grid Solar Battery Charging System they encountered poor quality solar panels, too small of wire, wire that was too long and large restrictions or over rated expectations of what a user could expect from their off grid solar system.
They have developed a system with the utmost safety concern, highest efficiency and clear expectations / recommendations.

Benefits of a Zamp Solar Off Grid Solar COMPLETE Kit
  • Proper wire size for the electrical load - having the wrong size wire can lead to fires or poor efficiency.
  • Proper length of wire - too long of wire and you lose charging power, less efficiency - poor performance.
  • 3000 Watt Pure Sine-Wave Inverter to power the majority of 120 volt major household appliances including Sensitive electronics- e.g. Microwave, Hair dryer, Coffee Pot, TV, HDTV, Satellite, CPAP Machine, DVD, etc.
  • Recommended battery bank size to balance power usage and power input.
  • Ability to use a Generator or AC (Grid Power) as a backup.

Each Kit Includes
  • 3 - 5, 150 Watt Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panels - Highest Efficiency, Best Solar Construction on the Market
  • 3000 Watt Pure Sine-Wave Inverter with built in 60 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 35 Amp Shore Line Charger, Remote Gen Start and 30 Amp Transfer Switch - Pure Sine-Wave is important for many sensitive electronics such as cell phones, computers, TV's, HDTV's, etc. 3000 Watt A/C Power is enough to run most household items for short periods of time. MPPT is the best system for best battery health and longevity.
  • UV rated wires - 15 yr life expectancy. 7.5' UV rated solar panel wiring, 30' UV rated combiner box to MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Battery to Inverter wires (we should call cables - they are thick)
  • Mounting Brackets - 4 per panel with hardware for panel attachment (must supply hardware for attaching to roof/surface)
  • Combiner box, roof or sidewall mounted with Solar Plug female adapter.
  • All electrical connection hardware, properly rated for each system.