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Airstream Solar Kitz SRRV - Solar Ready RV Kits


You have the power to explore longer with RV solar.

Maximize Battery Life | Maintenance Free | Safe and Reliable

Roof Top RV Solar KitsThese RV solar kits are great for the first time solar user to the veteran solar geek. Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kits allows starting small and adding of more solar easy with the Zamp Solar Plug & Play system.

Portable Solar RV Kits button.
The Absolute Best Portable RV Solar Kit for your RV, Motor home or Travel Trailer. Need flexibility in RV solar charging systems? Check out Zamp Solar's Portable RV Solar Charging Kits. Charge your batteries from the comfort of the shade. Take your portable with you when you get a new RV.

Airstream Trailer Solar RV Kits button.
RV Solar Kits for Airstream Trailers. These solar panels are a special design at only 20" wide by 40" long. Perfect for a space between vents or narrow spots.

Expansion Kits for Currently Installed Solar RV Kits button.
READY FOR MORE POWER! RV Solar Expansion kits have the proper hardware and components for your currently installed solar system. When you're ready for more power these kits make adding more solar easy.

Solar Ready RV Kit Button.
Did you get an RV with a Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap or a single Zamp Solar Roof/Sidewall Solar Port? These RV solar kits have what you need to add solar to your RV, Motor Home, Travel Trailer and camper.

Benefits of using RV Solar -

  • It's quiet - No LOUD generators to deal with.
    • Many parks and campgrounds regulate the use of generators, because of the noise, to times during the day, times when you're likely out having an adventure. Solar does the work when you're away, when you're having fun.
  • Low or No Maintenance - Monitor it if you wish, or just let it work.
    • Install your solar once and you'll continue to benefit from the power of the sun for years. Most solar panels have a 25 year warranty. Compare that to generators that need to be ran occasionally throughout the year to keep the seals lubricated as well as changing oil, and or stabilizing the gas for storage.
  • Batteries LOVE solar chargers - Batteries can easily be extended by twice (2 times) their life with solar, most of the time 3x longer.
    • A battery will last the longest when it stays charged, not overcharged and when you don't allow the charge to drop too low. Many would recommend not letting the charge drop below 25% for RV's for best longevity. Solar charging systems will regulate the amount of charge a battery receives with the proper charge controller. This prevents the battery from being overcharged and getting to hot, charging the batter when it needs it and not after a certain percentage drop.
  • People LOVE solar - No Fumes, No Noise, no hassle.
    • It's quiet, it's GREEN, it's CLEAN. You won't be smoking out your neighbor with nasty carcinogenic exhaust.