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Solar Ready RV Kits

Is your RV Solar Ready?

You could have one of two options when it comes to a Solar Ready RV Kit from Zamp Solar. Many RV's are coming pre-installed with solar ready wiring that can utilize either a Portable Solar System or a Roof Top Mounted SRRV kit. To figure out if you are capable of a portable system or if you have pre-wiring done for a roof top mounted system you have to identify what Zamp Solar Plug you have.

Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap front image. This is a three port roof cap. This cap will be pre-installed on the roof of your RV. If you know you have a three port roof cap you can select any SRRV kit, but we highly suggest you get one with a 30 amp solar charge controller. A 30 amp controller will allow you to use the full capability of the roof cap and expand your system up to 480 watts. The roof top mounted SRRV kits come with the solar panel and wire to connect to the three port cap, mounting feet and the solar charge controller to be installed on the interior of your RV.

Zamp Solar sidewall plug installed on a black battery box on and RV. The other option, and most common pre-wired install, is the Roof/Sidewall port. This port can be install on the side of the RV or on the Roof of the RV. If you have a port installed on the side of the RV then your RV can accept any of our Portable Solar Systems. The sidewall port is directly connected to the battery in most cases. in some rare installs you may have a sidewall port that is connected to a solar charge controller. For this you will need an unregulated portable. To order this you will need to contact me - sales@solardealz.com. If you have a single port on the top of your RV you can use any of the single panel solar kits up to 160 watt of power. For any questions please just email or call.