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DC 12v to AC 120v Inverterz

We only sell Pure Sine-Wave and True Sine-Wave inverters.

Pure Sine-Wave is a clean energy output as compared to a modified sine-wave. A clean output power is essential for sensitive electronic devices such as an HDTV, Cell Phone or Laptop. Without the use of a Pure Sine-Wave you run the risk of damage to your batteries or other electronics.

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Zamp Solar Inverter Remote Switch Zamp Solar Inverter Switch

Our Price:$19.99

Sale Price:$15.49

You save $4.50!

dc/ac power inverter Zamp Solar 300 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Our Price:$184.99

Sale Price:$119.00

You save $65.99!

Zamp Solar 600 watt power inverter Zamp Solar 600 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Our Price:$243.99

Sale Price:$155.00

You save $88.99!

DC to AC Power Inverter Zamp Solar 1000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Our Price:$408.99

Sale Price:$280.00

You save $128.99!

2000 watt pure sine wave inverter Zamp Solar 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Our Price:$610.00

Sale Price:$425.00

You save $185.00!

Zamp Solar CPAP Power System CPAP Power System

Our Price:$737.00


Zamp Solar Inverters designed for use with 12v solar/battery charging system.
Pure Sine-Wave Inverters are best for sensitive electronics.