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Zamp Solar - RV Solar Kits and Systems

Zamp Solar designs and manufactures solar panels and builds solar panel kits and systems specifically for RV's and Off-grid applications. They are a great company to work with and have many options available when it comes to RV solar systems, off grid solar systems and solar battery maintainers. They manufacture many of the components used in their kits and system at their home factory in Bend, OR. Zamp Solar has mainly always manufactured their kits and systems here in the U.S. Their US solar panel kits and systems will be designated with US in the MPN.

zamp solar portable rv solar systems

Portable Solar Systems -

Zamp Solar Portable Solar systems are a beautiful blend of simple and versatile way to keep 12 volt RV battery systems charged by harnessing the power of the sun. Zamp Solar Portables provide all the power of a roof mounted solar system, with the added flexibility of being able to place the panel in direct sunlight even when your RV isn't. They have the largest selection of portable solar systems around.

Many RV's come pre-wired with a Zamp Solar, solar port. This port is a direct battery connection and allows any of the Zamp solar Portables to quickly attach to the RV and start charging. To help you size your portable solar system Zamp Solar has provided a handy chart, located at the bottom of this page. Click here to check out Zamp Solar Portable Solar Systems.

Zamp Solar Deluxe RV Solar Kits

Roof Top Mounted Systems - Big POWER!

Expandable RV solar kits are beautiful. All of Zamp Solar's roof top mounted solar RV kits are expandable. They call this their Deluxe Series. They use 80 watt, 100 watt and 160 watt solar panels. Any combination of these panels can get up to 960 watts of power! Check them out -Expandable Roof Top RV Solar Kits.

Most of the kits on the market come with small gauge wire that can restrict how much solar power can reach the battery. Cheap, small wire can be so inefficient you can lose up to 10% or more of your potential solar power. Zamp Solar kits are some of the most efficient solar kits you can find with very little voltage drop, inefficiencies under 4%.

One of the best features of their Deluxe Series is the ability to start with a solar system and simply add another panel by plugging it in. Most kits come with the wire size that is adequate for that solar panel. If you need to add another panel you'll need to change the wire and possibly the solar charge controller. Zamp Solar kits can be expanded very easily - start with a 160 watt panel and add more solar later for 480 watts or up to 960 watts.

DC to AC Inverters

Inverters, Solar Battery Maintainers, Wiring Kits

Zamp Solar also has a full line of DC to AC inverters. Inverters allow you to power 110/120 volt items (household items) of your battery(s). See more invterters here DC to AC Inverters.

Solar Battery Maintainers are used to keep the battery topped off when in storage. If you have a rooftop system and the battery is full it will go from a battery charge to a maintainer. However, at times leaving rooftop solar panels exposed to the sun is not an option. This is where a small solar battery maintainers come in handy.

They can also be used to keep any 12 volt battery full when in storage. Use it on a tractor, motorcycle, dump trailer - any 12 volt battery or battery bank. Check out Solar Battery Maintainers.