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Zamp Solar Roof Top Expansion Kitz

Ready to add more power? If you have a Zamp Solar Delxue Roof Top Solar installation it's super easy to add more solar power using a Zamp Solar Roof Top Expansion kit. Zamp Solar Deluxe rooftop solar installation use a combiner box with 3 ports. As long as you have an open port you can use any of their expansion kits. Simply mount the panel and plug it into the vacant port.
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Each Expansion Kit comes with the following equipment and are intended to be an add-on to a current solar system:
  • Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel(s)
  • UV Rated Wiring Harness
    • 10' of Wire from solar panel to roof port (Can be cut to shorter length)
  • Wire Connectors - Butt splice connectors for easy installation
  • 4 Mounting Brackets per Solar Panel - Includes nuts and bolts for the solar panel to be mounted to the surface, no surface hardware supplied
Some RV's have a single port installed on the roof that allows the connection of a solar panel, some have a Roof Port with multiple ports to install multiple solar panels. It's important to know what size wire you have going from the roof to the controller. If your RV is wired with one port and intended for 1 panel it might not be a large enough wire to run the energy made from multiple panels. If your RV is equipped with a Roof Port it's safe to run up to 26 amps of solar energy. Contact us if you have any questions - call or email.